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Elizabeth "Elli" Carlton began her writing career as a freelance journalist with a knack for finding the soul behind a story. She covered the music beat for two national magazines and multiple local and online publications for four years. However, fiction—her first love—soon steered her in a new direction. In 2011, she took a year off to draft her first novel: The Royal Rogue.​

The book was published in October 2012 and was well-received by readers and press alike. Unique in its approach, Elizabeth replaces the heroic protagonist cliché with a morally ambiguous rogue that stumbles his way into an epic adventure. Her main character’s rough edges and quick wit swiftly captured an audience.​

In 2015, Elizabeth followed up her first release with an even bolder continuation called Chivalry’s Code, a novel that combines two separate storylines in a dueling parallel full of heart-wrenching ultimatums and surprising plot twists. It, too, was embraced by her readers. She completed the third installment, Lost Prince of Nevaharday, in 2018.​

Beyond journalism and novel writing, Elli’s 14-year career includes writing marketing and consumers and culture research, drafting marketing and SEO content for a wide array of businesses, and providing developmental editing and writing coaching services to individual clients.

She currently works for Gartner where she manages a team of writers and editors supporting global IT research.

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Elizabeth Carlton

Elizabeth Carlton

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Author of The Rogue Trilogy | 16+ years of professional writing experience spanning journalism, SEO, marketing, research and fiction |