Blue Cross Blue Shield’s (BCBS) Millennial health report shows a continual decline in Millennial health starting at age 27, with the top three health concerns falling within the realm of mental or behavioral health: major depression, substance use disorder and alcohol abuse. …

Let’s talk about ghosting and how to properly end a platonic relationship

At some point in our lives we’ll find ourselves faced with the decision to end a platonic relationship. Sometimes they graciously fizzle out as a natural part of drifting apart. You stop getting together and communication becomes fewer and farther between until it just… stops.

Other times, an unhealthy relationship…

An image of two people hiking down an outdoor path is the backdrop to a quote taken from the body copy of the blog.

How often do you feel like you’re cruising through life in auto-pilot? You find yourself “checking out” as you absentmindedly — and often begrudgingly — fulfill routines that are necessary, but not necessarily exciting.

It’s a feeling I’m all-too-familiar with, and it’s compounded by the effects of a global pandemic

Working from home takes a lot of discipline. Unfortunately, COVID-19 threw a lot of people into this position without notice or training. Employees accustomed to an office setting have been forced to learn as they go and not everyone has adapted well.

It’s not always easy to focus outside of…

Tired of your New Year’s Resolutions falling toward the wayside shortly after the starting line? Here are a few practiced tips on how to create — and follow through — on your goals.

Every list of New Year’s Resolutions starts out the same. You have a goal and you’re chomping…

Excellency is born from effort.

Growing up, I was the kid who dreamed big. I wanted to be an artist; an author; a circus performer; and at some point in my thirty-plus years on this earth I chased after all of those dreams to some extent.

By age 20, I was a freelance journalist covering…

Hubert Humphrey once said, “The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” But what if your pain is bigger than the band-aid that love and companionship offers?

There are times when a tub of ice cream and a friend’s ear simply aren’t enough to unravel the baggage you carry. Try…

A Practical Look at Soulmates and Lasting Love

Is the love we feel real? (Image Copyright Elizabeth Carlton)

If I had to choose two things in this world that I’m truly terrible at, it would be winking and choosing who to love. That’s why I found the idea of finding my “soulmate” daunting. I had a knack for falling in love with men who changed their minds. …

Recognize this?

I’ve been sitting here staring at a blinking cursor for nearly an hour.

Before that, the words were crawling onto the page at the pace of a slug, each line dragging on behind the other in a continuous stream of “blah” as I try to make another dollar; another deadline…

Elizabeth Carlton

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